I like to think I’ve taken the road less travelled. The potted history goes something like this…

Studied law (one of the big three if you come from an immigrant family like me!)

Spent a couple of years in corporate figuring out that was not the box I wanted to spend my life in.

Left corporate and headed our into the jungle of life with nothing but my wits and mouth, commonly known as the world of startups.

Focused on experientially learning the important lessons of life and trying to answer the key questions around origin, meaning, purpose and destiny.

Had some successes, took some L’s, endured a lot of pain but eventually found my box.

Decided to create a space where I could share how I see the world (I know! How millennial…)

I create content on topics that I care about so you can expect an eclectic mix of subjects, but if you give any of what I say some thought, you’ll see the red thread of those 4 themes peeping out at you.